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Use one of the search areas above, if your looking for entire dumps of the database, please see the Database Dump Files section.

If your looking for something you can use programmatically, I suggest you check out our API
Where you will find easy to query data in JSON output.
            Try out our new Contact Generator! Easily generate as many personalized contact list as you like and associate
            them with all your different radios
We even are able to include the latest Brandmeister TG's if you so desire.
Don't see a format for a radio you have, NO PROBLEM!, We have a custom formatter so you can generate any kind of format you like!
Just click on the "Generator" menu link from the menu, Make that new radio function how it was intended. As the Database size grows past what most modern Radios can handle, it will be more important than ever to have the ability to trim contact lists.